Sunday, December 8, 2013

House Dreaming

From a very young age I have designed my house. I always had trouble sleeping and on these nights I'd fill my sketch book (or the back of an envelope, or whatever was at hand) with detailed versions of my latest house plan. It did occur to me to do architecture, but I never was very good at maths or neat drawing. Over the years, the designs changed as I became inspired by the book I happened to be reading or what era we were studying in school. I remember always loving open plan, wooden beams, a wide kitchen and deep set bathtubs, with the house set on a wild block of mountainous or coastal land. As I have travelled, influenced by the local architecture, my ideals have begun to take a more consistent form. Functional, minimal, mindful. My recent trip to Japan has only intensified my love of wood, space, nature and the beauty of simplicity. I guess we do become our parents ;)
Here are a few of my pinterest pins to illustrate my current plan...

all images via my pinterest page


  1. love every bit of this, i am still dreaming of my dream home too...

  2. We have a lot in common...wood, open kitchen, nature filled, mindful, and minimal...all good things!

  3. I love every picture. I too have been dreaming of my house for ever. This year our dream to start designing it is finally happening. I love all things wood. When I too came back from Japan it inspired me to keep all things simple.